Australia boots up GPU supercomputer

Australia’s national science agency has fired up a massive GPU supercomputer capable of delivering 256 Teraflops of peak performance.

The CSIRO supercomputer – which is powered by 64 Nvidia Tesla S1070 GPUs – includes 28 Dual Xeon E5462 compute nodes (or 1024 2.8GHz compute cores), 500 GB of SATA storage, a 144 port DDR InfiniBand Switch and an 80 Terabyte Hitachi NAS file system.

According to Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Humber, CSIRO scientists have already reported “speedups” of 10-100X in their research applications by deploying the GPU-based system.

The new Tesla GPU cluster will be used to accelerate a number of projects, including genome research, the reconstruction of 3D medical images and modeling ocean nutrients. ??

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