Atom Hackintosh netbooks crash and burn

Apple has apparently struck a deadly blow against the burgeoning Hackintosh community by disabling support for Intel’s Atom processor in the latest version of Snow Leopard. 
“Well, looks like I was right, again,” Hackintosh icon StellaRola wrote in an official blog post that confirmed earlier rumors of an Atom ban. “The netbook forums are now blowing up with problems of [Snow Leopard] 10.6.2 instant rebooting their Atom based netbooks. My sources tell me that every time a netbook user installs 10.6.2 an Apple employee gets their wings.”

Nevertheless, StellaRolla adopted an optimistic approach to possible future hacks of the popular OS. 

“Just an FYI, this is OSx86 after all and none of the scenes hackers really let down on support. The latest kernel may not be ‘officially’ supported but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a modded kernel around the corner,” noted StellaRolla.

Indeed, a participant on the MyDellMini forum claims to have discovered one possible workaround by running 10.6.2 with a 10.6.1 kernel.

“What I did was boot from my backup, which was a cloned partition using carbon copy cloner and mounted the 10.6.2 partition,” explained Shines On.

Once mounted, the following commands were issued from the terminal:

    #backup the 10.6.2 kernel
    sudo cp /Volumes//mach_kernel /Volumes//mach_kernel-bak
    #copy the 10.6.1 kernel over
    sudo cp /mach_kernel /Volumes//mach_kernel  

“Reboot, rerun netbook installer, reboot, you’re running 10.6.2 with a 10.6.1 kernel,” added Shines On.

?Of course, Apple is unlikely to pause its unrelenting offensive against the rebellious masses – whose ranks were recently bolstered by the introduction of Psystar’s rogue $50 Hackintosh patch.

The patch, known as Rebel EFI, is reportedly compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 and Xeon Nehalem CPUs. ??

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