ATI’s GPGPU software adds support for dual-GPUs

Markham (ON) – AMD’s graphics team is getting much more aggressive in increasing the visibility of the general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) capabilities of its graphics processors. The company today released version 1.4 of its Stream software developer kit, which brings an enhanced version of the Brook+ high-level programming language as well as support for more ATI Radeon and Fire graphics cards.

The fourth release of the Stream SDK is a major upgrade from the previous versions and enable developers now to take advantage of multiple GPUs targeting a single application, support much finer data handling, DirectX API interoperability and access to thread-level data sharing.
According to the ATI team, the software also includes a tighter alignment with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 development environment, performance enhancements in the Brook+ runtime, support for memory pinning and asynchronous stream write calls.
The previously rather limited range of addressed graphics cards has been extended with the HD 4870 X2 consumer card as well as the workstation cards FirePro 3D V8750, V8700, V7770, V7750, V5700 and V3750.

The stream SDK can be downloaded from ATI’s website.