ATI HD 5900 spotted in the wild

Rumors that the new HD 5900 series could be just another chip refresh have been knocked on the head according to Alien Babel.

The site had been asking around and found out that ATI has decided to drop the “X2” nomenclature and its upcoming dual GPU-on-a-PCB cards.

The card that was supposed to be HD 5870X2 will now likely be called the HD 5970 and the HD 5850X2 will probably be called the HD 5950. These cards will be much like their older brothers, the HD 4870-X2 and the HD 3870-X2, featuring two GPUs on a single PCB and employing onboard crossfire support.

The site’s contacts have not only come up with some juicy rumours about the performance of the new card but also found a few snaps of the best.  Unfortunately the people from ATI got on the phone and ordered them to take down the details.

The drivers used are unknown at this time, but the GPU-Z shows as version for the Direct3D driver. It is unclear whether these are the leaked Catalyst 9.11 beta drivers or some other special drivers made for this card. The fan runs at 4700rpm when it is flat out.

The card is 13.5 inches long, and has problems fitting into a full sized tower case. Apparently you cannot stick a hard drive next to the GPU. The card uses one 8-pin and one 6-pin power connector.