Asetek liquid cooling chills Intel Core i5 chips

San Francisco, Calif. Asetek has launched a liquid cooling system for Intel’s Core i5 line of processors. According to Asetek spokesperson Gary Baum, support for the recently unveiled CPUs and their LGA1156 socket motherboard counterparts was faciliated with the help of a specially designed unviversal mounting system.

“This novel mounting mechanism provides a single solution for cooling Core i5 processors and all other popular Intel processors utilizing LGA 775 and LGA 1366 sockets,” Baum told TG Daily.

“Asetek’s robust liquid cooling can now easily be configured for any Intel desktop motherboard – [as] the single mounting ring enables flexible manufacturing in both high and low volume PC manufacturing settings.”

Baum explained that the Core i5 cooling system consists of a single Intel mounting ring and back plate, which supports variable position screw inserts to fit specific socket requirements.

“Asetek liquid cooling has a proven track record for reliability, performance while being cost effective. [Our] liquid cooling advantages are so compelling, I believe that all competitive gaming systems will soon have liquid cooling as a standard feature. Systems with the highest performance together with the lowest noise requires [that type of] cooling,” added Baum.