Asetek liquid cooling chills Alienware’s Area 51

Alienware has selected Asetek’s liquid cooling technology for use in its Aurora and Area-51 gaming rigs. According to Asetek spokesperson Gary Baum, liquid cooling systems help faciliate optimal performance by dissipating extreme heat with a minimal amount of noise.

“Unlike traditional air coolers, Asetek’s factory sealed liquid cooling system is specifically designed to exhaust CPU heat directly outside of the chassis,” Baum told TG Daily. “This enables lower interior chassis temperatures, keeping the other components in the system cooler, prolonging their life.”

Baum also noted that the adoption of Asetek’s technology marked the “latest step” in the trend toward all credible performance PCs being liquid cooled.

“The concept of liquid cooling has been around for a while but Asetek offers a mainstream, low-cost product that can be easily and installed and maintained. Indeed, configuring an Asetek cooling system is about as difficult as installing a standard heatsink.”

Baum added that the Asetek had worked closely with Dell and Alienware engineers to integrate its cooling technology into the company’s latest gaming rigs.

“This was clearly a collaborative effort with Alienware and was very much a Dell product as well,” said Baum.

Dell’s Frank Azor expressed similar sentiments.

“The ability to deliver extreme overclocking out-of-the-box drove our decision to make Asetek Liquid Cooling standard on our newest Alienware Aurora and Area-51 systems.

“With Asetek liquid cooling we are able to push Intel’s Core i7 performance further, giving our customers a richer gaming experience.”

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