ARM slaps down Intel’s Tri-Gate technology

ARM remains utterly unimpressed with Intel’s recently announced Tri-Gate technology.

Indeed, during an event in San Francisco earlier this May, Intel CEO Paul Otellini touted the new 3D design, claiming the corporation had “once again” reinvented the transistor utilizing the third dimension.

“Amazing, world-shaping devices will be created from this capability as we advance Moore’s Law into new realms,” trumpeted Otellini.

However, ARM CEO Warren East offered a slightly less grandiose prediction – referring to Tri-Gate as little more than a “fantastic marketing coup.”

“Intel’s announcement of 3D structures at 20 nanometer was an interesting announcement but from our point of view nothing really more than that,” East told Reuters.

“Other manufacturers will deploy 3D technology, but probably not before they absolutely need to it because it comes with complexities… What [really] matters is, if I’m going to make a real chip, what performance can I get at what power consumption?”

East also noted that ARM would continue to grow faster than the current market, as it has solidified its lead in the mobile space and increased its microcontroller design presence in a wide range of devices.