ARM says Flash to blame for smartbook delay

An ARM spokesperson has blamed Flash and the abrupt emergence of tablets for the lack of smartbooks in the mobile marketplace. 

“We thought [smartbooks] would be launched by now, but they’re not. I think one reason is to do with software maturity. We’ve seen things like Adobe slip — we’d originally scheduled for something like 2009,” ARM’s marketing vice president, Ian Drew told ZDNet UK.

“Our target is mostly Internet machines — it becomes sort of a requirement that they run the Internet. [The delay in optimizing] Flash has stalled it.”

Drew also explained that the sudden interest in tablets had “confused”  certain manufacturers which had previously considered designing ARM-based smartbooks.

“I am disappointed that you can’t go down to PC World and buy a smartbook at the moment, but I’m convinced something will happen…Some of it is also related to there not being many Linux [netbooks] out there either…We’ve only got Linux,” said Drew. 

“[Still], we now know what we didn’t know two years ago. It has taught us a lot about how we work with software companies.”