ARM launches next-gen Mali GPU

ARM has introduced a next-gen Mali GPU that offers up to a 5x performance increase over current Mali graphics processors.

According to ARM exec Jem Davies, the Mali-T604 is designed to render “visually rich” experiences for future consumer electronic devices –  easily scaling from smartphones to high-end digital entertainment systems.

“The quest for better-looking, more informative, more intuitive displays means we are seeing huge increases in typical display resolutions and the graphics performance required to meet those demands is proportional to the number of pixels on the display multiplied by the desired frame rate,” explained Davies.

“Simultaneously with that, we are seeing around a 10 fold increase in the complexity of processing done per-pixel in modern content, including games. All this amounts to greater than a 50 fold increase in graphics capability needed for next generation products and the Mali-T604 was designed to address those needs.”

To be sure, the multicore Mali-T604 is expected to significantly raise the performance bar for visual computing in multiple categories, such as mobiles, tablets, DTVs and automotive infotainment.

Additional specs include:

  • New shader core based on “tri-pipe” architecture using three different types of execution pipeline.
  • API support for full profile Khronos OpenCL and Microsoft DirectX.
  • Augmented reality and gesture recognition ready.
  • Reduces memory bandwidth consumption by 30%.
  • Improves overall system level energy-efficiency.  
  • Fully exploits ARM’s Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI-400), delivering a memory coherent system in tandem with the Cortex-A15 MPCore.