Apricorn padlocks a hard drive

San Francisco (CA) – Apricorn has introduced a portable, encrypted hard drive that keeps data secure even if the device is removed from its locked enclosure.

“The Aegis Padlock uses an NIST certified encryption algorithm to perform hardware encryption in real time,” Mike McCandless, an Apricorn VP, told TG Daily. “The encryption key is randomly generated by input from the user combined with hashing performed inside the drive.”

According to McCandless, the Padlock enclosure is protected by unique torque screws, which are difficult to remove without a specialized torque screwdriver.

“However, with the 128-bit or 256-bit hardware encryption used on the drive, removing [it] from the enclosure would be useless to any individual,” explained McCandless.

McCandless also noted that the Padlock was “targeted” at the corporate world, but confirmed the device was currently being evaluated for government and military use.

“The Aegis Padlock has removed the barriers that made secure hard drives unattractive to most users including cost and setup. The [device] has a software-free design, enabling it to be used on any system. Without software, the Aegis Padlock is perfect for corporate deployments where users may not have authorization to put software on their system,” said McCandless.

“It is so easy to use that it can be setup in just minutes. The low power design of the Aegis Padlock is competitive with many standard USB drives available on the market today and includes features such as hardware encryption, shock mounting and integrated cables.”

The 128-bit AES Padlock is available for $139, while the 500GB 256-bit AES model retails for $159.