Apple, this isn’t the Mac netbook we’ve been waiting for!

Chicago (IL) – If images like these are to be believed, this is the Mac netbook Apple said would never see the light of day. Simply named MacBook mini, it
looks representative and thin enough to attract attention. The
$899 computer is allegedly aimed at competing with the higher-end netbook market, hence 10.4-inch LED-backlit display and integrated
Nvidia 9400M GPU that also powers its bigger MacBook counterpart. Add
in a 1.83GHz Intel Atom CPU, SSD and 2GB of RAM all packed in a unibody
enclosure just 4 millimeters tall on its thinnest part and you probably
get Apple’s next big hit. The only problem is, this isn’t the Mac netbook
we’ve been waiting for.

MacBook mini: Russian magazine mockup
(3 pictures)
Don’t worry. We’re not publishing this article as a premature April’s Fool joke — although you’d have every right to believe it’s either fake or the product of Photoshop.
If the latter is true, we salute the graphics whiz who created these
incredibly believable and lustful mock-ups of a Mac netbook
conveniently named MacBook mini.
The source of these spyshots (or “spyshots”) is the user who tipped 9 to 5 Mac for a Russian magazine, hence an additional Russian Cyrillic writing
on each key. The alleged system is all but your Mom’s 6-inch,
sub-$500 netbook.


If our Russian comrades are to be believed, specs
include 10.4 inch LED-backlit display packing 1280 x 768 pixels driven
by the same Nvidia GeForce 9400M integrated GPU that runs unibody MacBooks. The computer is powered by a 1.83GHz Intel Atom Z740
processor with 1 MB L2 cache. The CPU and the GPU are paired together
with Nvidia’s ION motherboard platform clocked at 533 MHz.

The alleged specs also include 2 GB of DDR3-800
RAM and a 64 GB SDD. Expansions ports are scarce, just like on the
MacBook Air, and include just one USB port in addition to Apple’s MagSafe power
connection and a Mini DisplayPort interconnect. Connectivity features
are standard — as in all MacBook models, meaning Bluetooth 2.1EDR and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Specs don’t reveal anything about the battery life or technology used beyond mentioning it’s Li-Ion 5100mA. No word of built-in 3G cellular Internet, though.

The paper suggests this MacBook mini will be priced at $899, which would be in-line with analyst’s predictions. A previously leaked AT&T memo (whose authenticity hasn’t been confirmed) claimed that the carrier might soon offer a $99 Apple Netbook with a 2-year data plan.

Netbook Mini:  FAKE OR REAL?
This image (both accurate-looking and highly believable) may or may not be a $899 Mac netbook. It appeared in a Russian magazine and shows the 10-4 inch MacBook mini. It allegedly packs 1280 x 768 pixel display in a unibody enclosure. Under the hood hardware should include a 1.83GHz Intel Atom Z740 processor with 1 meg L2 cache, Nvidia GeForce 9400M integrated GPU, 2 GB of DDR3-800 RAM and a 64 GB SDD. What about multi-touch capabilities?

Revival of a tiny MacBook Titanium

if Apple has something like this in the works, we wouldn’t be surprised
one iota. Regular Apple readers may remember the miniature MacBook
model that was later phased out. This MacBook mini could
simply represent the revival of such a tiny MacBook Titanium-like model, this
time refreshed with the same GPU platform, unibody enclosure and
LED-backlit display shared with bigger MacBook models. The prospect of
a Mac netbook has been the subject of ongoing debate that just won’t
die down, exciting all except Apple which maintains it isn’t adamant to
explore the “nascent” category.

Most big-shot analysts disagree, warning Apple it’s high time
to address the netbook market, adding that the company’s current
product matrix does not reflect a freezing economy and leaving little room
for would-be fans with shallow wallets to enter the world of Apple.

The Chinese-based paper Commercial Times claims a Mac netbook will arrive in Q3 (just 4-6 months away) with Taiwan-based Wintek
supplying panels and Quanta Computer contracted to
manufacture. While we’d like to see Apple release a product
like the MacBook mini, this definitely isn’t the kind of Mac netbook
that we’ve been waiting for.

If you believe our Russian comrades, the MacBook mini enclosure will measure 267 x 195 x 4 millimeters, packing USB and Mini DisplayPort slots. Connectivity features should include Bluetooth 2.1EDR and 802.11n Wi-Fi. But what about 3G cellular Internet? Probably not.

We want a game-changing Mac netbook!

You don’t need to be a rocket
scientist to figure out that the self-proclaimed consumer electronics
giant won’t enter the netbook market just for the sake of it. Instead,
most industry watchers expect Apple to do what it does the best:
To carefully analyze the product category and competing products within to
pinpoint areas for improvement, and then innovate in several key aspects
to such an extent that redefines the entire product category. Of course,
everyone has their own idea of what Apple would focus on exactly —
including the folks here at TG Daily.

What most commentators are calling for is something like an ultra-thin
computer, small and light enough for true portability, with up to
7-inch multi-touch display, iPhone-like UI with just basic elements and
third-party applications delivered via the App Store. Is it really
asking too much?

What do you think? If this really is a Mac netbook, would you buy it for $899? Would you be disappointed with MacBook mini? Share with us what a Mac netbook means for you by commenting below.