Apple thinks the same about thinking different

Apple appears to want to dust off its old advertising slogan “think different”.

A new trademark application filed by the gizmo maker includes the “Think Different” advertising slogan.

Think Different was the mantra chanted by thousands of individual mac fan boys during 1997 until 2002. They believed by wearing sweat shirts with the think different logo on them and all buying the same gear they had archived individualization.

It could conceivably simply be related to Apple looking to preserve its long-standing trademark.  However Apple’s new application specifically extends coverage of the trademark to music players such as the iPod and other electronic devices that could conceivably include a future tablet.

When the trademark was issued there was no iPod but Apple’s International Classification 009 now covers the iPod under MP3 audio players in addition to generically covering “Portable and handheld digital electronic devices” so as to cover any future tablet Apple may be contemplating in the future.

We have been seeing Apple using the “Think Different” phrase on the packaging of its new 21.5″ and 27″ iMac models. Since these have been bedevilled by cracked screens and production flaws “Thinking different”  now apparently means “buying broken.”