Apple tests next-gen LCDs for iPad 3

Apple is reportedly testing next-gen liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for its upcoming iPad 3.

According to the Korea Times, Cupertino asked both Samsung and LG to design screens with optimized picture quality and density.

“[The] iPad 3 will feature an improved display to support quad extended graphics (QXGA), a display resolution of 2048×1536 pixels with a 4:3 aspect ratio to provide full high definition (HD) viewing experience,” an industry source told the Times.

“Apple has traditionally preferred to use the same providers of the same parts for the same device, even as they evolve to different versions. I don’t see any fundamental change to that approach.”

However, the source noted that Apple appears to have little interest in Samsung’s flat screens based on organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) – which are hobbled by shorter life spans and can be easily contaminated.

“Another drawback is the current OLED technology, [as it] is not at the level to realize a full HD viewing experience, which is important for tablets,” the source confirmed.  

Nevertheless, both companies are more than capable of manufacturing high-res QXGA screens up to 9.7 inches with advanced production technology based on the use of low temperature polysilicon.

“Pixel density, a barometer for viewing quality, should be increased to over 280 pixels-per-inch (PPI) to meet Apple’s stiff requirement for screen viewing,” said another source.

And what of Apple’s recent decision to shift its A6 chip production to TSMC and away from Samsung?

Well, a senior Samsung executive insists chances are “very low” that the move will negatively impact future display orders from Cupertino.

“We aren’t affected significantly by Apple’s changing approach,” claimed the exec.

“Apple is first and foremost about product quality, and while it may find other manufacturers to provide customized chips for its new products, the same can’t be said about LCDs.”