Apple still dominates in PC market

A report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) says that user satisfaction with PCs has risen after two years of falling. But while Apple’s index has dropped by one percent to 84, it still has a huge lead over the other Windows vendor.

For the second quarter, Apple is 12 percent ahead of Dell, that, the ACSI says is the biggest gaps between the first and second places in any of the industries it covers.

Dell scores 75, and Gateway-Acer rises three percent to 74. HP has improved its position in the index to stand at 74 and machines it makes under the Compaq brand  occupy the same position.

Professor Fornell at the ACSI says that the recession now favors lower priced PCs. “HP is taking advantage by rolling out more of its less expensive Compaq models. Recent sales are up, and HP’s share value has more than doubled relative to the market since the beginning of the year.”

In the online portal and search engine field, Google stands at 86, while Yahoo stays the same at 77, and AOL is last at 70.