Apple notebooks lauded

Consumer Reports continues its love affair with Apple’s notebooks in its latest report, with MacBooks getting the nod in every category.

In the 13-inch notebook segment, Apple took the top three spots, with the unibody MacBook first, the MacBook Air second place, and the plastic MacBook in third.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro won the 14 to 16-inch category with the Toshiba Satellite in second and Asus X83Vm third. The 17-inch MacBook Pro took the 17 to 18-inch prize, with the Dell Studio 17 and Lenovo IdeaPad Y730 coming in second and third.

Apple’s support was also voted a winner, despite it only being free for 90 days.

Consumer Reports has always rated Apple products highly, causing some observers to ask whether the organisation is staffed by fanbois in awe of the brand who swoon over each new product launch.

One was quoted as saying “… some of the rankings may be arguable depending on how much awesomeness you think Apple’s logo (and the premium pricing that comes with it) is worth…”

And a comment on Appleinsider pointed out that “The 15-inch MacBook Pro was rated overall with a score of 75 out of 100, ahead of a 64-rated Toshiba Satellite [but] the Pro costs $2,000, the Toshiba $700. The main point, for the average consumer, is the extra 11 points worth $1,300?”

Consumer Reports (sub required) takes into account performance, design, versatility, screen quality, and battery life when ranking notebooks.