Apple fixes cracked screens in house

Apple has issued gear to its retail stores that can fix the problem of cracked screens.

One of the bigger problems with Apple’s gadgets, next to them over heating, has been cracked screens which are caused by users dropping them.

Now, if the phone is under warranty, Apple can fix it on the spot using a machine which seperates the broken glass from the rest of the phone and allows the installation of the new one.

According to Arstechnica the machine is basically a big suction cup, but the technology is fairly original and means that phones that might have had to be junked get a new lease of life.

Apple charges $200-$250 to fix cracked screens if it is not covered under a standard limited one-year Apple warranty for manufacturer’s defects.
It means though that sales people have an additional tool to lock people into Apple’s byzantine warranty and AppleCare system. After all few people can put their hand on their heart and say they will not drop their phone in some time in its life.