Android Lego bot solves Rubik’s Cube in under 25 seconds

An ARM-powered Lego bot running Google’s Android OS has managed to solve a scrambled Rubik’s Cube in just under 25 seconds.

”The Lego robot solves [the] Rubik’s Cube with a Motorola Droid as a brain. A custom Android app on the handset uses the Droid’s camera to take pictures of each face. It then sends instructions via Bluetooth to the Lego machine, which goes on to solve the Cube in about 24 seconds,” explained John Chan of CNET’sCrave.

“Granted, the fastest ‘speedcubers’ are able to solve the puzzle in less than 10 seconds, but this machine puts to shame those who have had to peel stickers or disassemble their cubes to put the colors back in their proper positions.”

It should be noted that the Lego bot was designed by David Gilday, who has created a number of automated Rubik’s cube solvers.