Android 1.5 available for download on developer phone

Mountain View (CA) – Google released its Android 1.5 Software Developers Kit today. If you already have the developer version of the T-Mobile G1 Google Android device then you are now able to update the device and begin writing programs for the Android update, which is expected to arrive as early as May.

In a post to the Android Developers blog, Xavier Ducrohet explained that the update is not intended for those using the phone in their daily lives, but solely for developers. HTC offers step by step instructions for the update and the image packages you will need to bring your developer device up to speed.

Among the changes coming to the Android via the 1.5 update is an on-screen soft keyboard, a music player widget addition to the home screen, support for Bluetooth, video recording and playback search and other exciting features. Performance issues such as smoother page scrolling and a faster GPS location determination will also be addressed with this update.  

Shortly after the SDK 1.5 release, users will be able to get the update for the G1 from T-Mobile.  The software is promised to launch in May and will be limited to Germany initially.