Analyst says discrete GPUs are here to stay

Veteran Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie says embedded graphics processors are unlikely to replace discrete GPUs anytime soon.

As Peddie notes, although integrated graphics are good enough to run certain graphics-based applications, they still lack the raw pixel horsepower to drive heavy photo editing tools, CAD rendering and graphics-intensive games (set to high res). 

“The facts speak for themselves. Those who are concerned about graphics performance will buy discrete GPU systems. As good as they are, embedded graphics processors will never be a replacement for a powerful discrete GPU,” the analyst explained in a recently published report.

“Discrete GPUs have, and will continue to hold, a multi-year lead over integrated graphics, and software applications and operating systems aren’t standing still. Therefore, the notion that the evolution of integration spells the end of discrete GPUs just isn’t founded.”

According to Peddie, Nvidia is currently the leader in discrete GPUs and feels no competition or attack from integrated parts – although there is a “general misconception” in the press that integrated graphics are somehow going to kill dGPUs.

“[Clearly], discrete GPUs will not only be with us for a long time. They will actually continue to gain market share amid mounting demand for graphics-based applications, from web viewing to editing video and photos to PC games,” he concluded.