AMD’s Antilles benchmarked at a screaming P11865

AMD has launched its long-awaited Antilles (Radeon HD 6990) graphics card, which routinely scores a screaming P11865 during 3DMark11 benchmark sessions.

According to AMD exec Matt Skynner, the 6990 is targeted at hardcore rigs and includes DX11-capable architecture along with PowerTune tech – which automatically enables higher clock speeds and faster performance.

“AMD PowerTune technology is the intelligent way to exceed 300W board power. You no longer need to accommodate non-typical workloads at the expense of gaming FPS,” explained Skynner.

“It is designed to maximize gaming clock speeds, while keeping a GPU’s TDP within a pre-determined level and handles all applications gracefully. Plus, PowerTune allows for >300W boards to be safely performance-tuned for games.”

Antilles also boasts support for up to five displays (via Eyefinity), stereoscopic 3D gaming and HDMI 1.4a.

The card is currently available online, with a starting price of $700.

Additional specs include:

Compute power – 5.1 TFLOPS/1.27 TFLOPS.
  • Core clock speed – 830 MHz.
  • Stream processors – 3072 ALU.
  • Texture Units – 192.
  • ROPs / Z-Stencil – 64/256.
  • Memory frame buffer – 4GB GDDR.
  • Memory width/Speed 256-bit, 5.0Gbps.
  • Load board power –
  • Advanced anti-aliasing – Enhanced-Quality AntiAliasing (EQAA) uses a new sampling technique to help improve visual quality, while Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA) leverages DirectCompute acceleration to provide anti-aliasing on any DX9, DX10 or DX11 app. 
  • Dual-BIOS toggle switch – Enables overclocking for faster gaming, supports up to 880MHz and 1.175V voltage.