AMD unveils Vision technology for the masses

San Francisco, Calif. AMD has announced plans to simplify the PC selection process with its Vision technology brand. According to AMD CMO Nigel Dessau, Vision radically alters the traditional consumer model which tends to overemphasize technical specifications of individual hardware components.

“Today’s consumer cares about what they can do with their PC, not what’s inside,” said Dessau. “They want a rich HD and entertainment experience on their PC, delivered by the combined technology of AMD CPUs and GPUs, without having to understand what gigahertz and gigabytes mean. Vision technology from AMD reflects the maturation of marketing in the PC processing industry and communicates the technology in a more meaningful way.”

Dessau explained that Vision successfully “comunicates” the value of the “whole system,” while demonstrating the combined processing of both the CPU and GPU.

“[Vision] emphasizes how an AMD-based PC is optimized for video, digital media and content creation activities. [It] guides the industry past the era of CPU-centric marketing and describes the PC capabilities in terms of what can be enjoyed on the system – see, share, create.”

Dessau added that Vision technology currently comprises three levels of PC system capabilities: Vision Basic, Premium and Ultimate. In addition, AMD is slated to introduce a fourth level – Vision Black – during the first quarter of 2010. Vision Black is reportedly geared towards desktop users and is designed to enable the “highest end capabilities” of a PC.

Vision-oriented notebooks, including mainstream and ultrathin models, will be available in time for the 2009 holiday season.