AMD to sponsor Chinese gaming conference

Chip firm Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is to sponsor the second China Game Developers Conference (CGDC).

Vanoy Wong, general manager of AMD Greater China, said that it will help with display zones and tech sessions to get into bed further with Chinese game developers.

He promised that at this year’s conference, which starts on July 24th, in Shanghai,  AMD will deliver its new technologies, although he didn’t specify what those technologies will be.

AMD is a “diamond” sponsor of the conference. The deputy chief secretary of the CGDC, Han Zhihai, said: “The sponsorship of AMD, as a top technology and hardware supplier in the world, will greatly assist in the internationalization f the event.” He believes that the quickly growing game industry in China will attract support from more international companies and organizations.

Other sponsors at the conference include Nvidia – a platinum sponsor.