AMD showcases Eyefinity multi-display technology

AMD showcased its Eyefinity multi-display technology during a media event on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. Eyefinity – which is powered by a single, next generation ATI graphics card – allows users to connect up to six HD displays to one PC.

Rick Bergman, a senior VP at AMD, told reporters that Eyefinity creates a virtual environment so detailed that it seems optically real to the human eye.

Indeed, the new technology supports up to 12 times 1080p high-definition resolution, with a combined theoretical resolution of 268 megapixels. In contrast, the average 19 inch LCD display typically has an image quality of only slightly more than 1 megapixel.

“Today’s revelation of the new experience made possible by PCs powered by AMD technology has been a long time coming,” said Bergman. “[This] marks the culmination of more than a million hours of design innovation from thousands of AMD engineers over the last few years, and the commitment of more than 100,000 channel partners.”

Bergman explained that PCs loaded with Eyefinity technology would “expand” game and virtual world environments to the “largest ever experienced.”

He noted that AMD was working closely with Samsung Electronics to introduce ultra-thin bezel monitors and compatible stands which would would allow users to create their own scalable matrix.

Bergman added that the next generation of DirectX 11 ATI Radeon processors are capable of rendering complex virtual environments and characters “unlike anything seen before.”

“Scenes and digital actors that are almost indistinguishable from reality, are rendered in real-time and shown as completely interactive.”