AMD man calls for notebook battery life transparency

A man from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has praised the iPhone 3G S to the heavens and Apple for being upfront about battery life.

Pat Moorhead, VP of Advanced Marketing at AMD, said in a note that he had thought for a while that cellphones and smartphones are marketed with better battery life than notebook computers. That, he said, is in spite of the fact that notebooks attract a premium price.

Moorhead points to this Apple page, which compares in great detail the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G. Apple, said Moorhead, “is operating in rarefied air in providing this much consumer information”. Apple also, he said has provided 1,173 words of “technical bliss scream detail” going through the tests, the hardware and how it was done.

AMD, he continues, has made it public and clear that the PC industry provides better notebook battery life for people buying the machines.

He said: “How do you feel about better battery life information being disclosed on a $99 iPhone than a $799 notebook PC?” He calls on the PC industry to do better than the cellphone industry.

There’s more from Moorhead and AMD here.