AMD launches Open 3D initiative

AMD has launched an “Open” initiative designed to encourage 3D innovation and lower high costs typically associated with the evolving technology. 

“We will work with out ecosystem partners to enable multiple 3D solutions,  encourage cooperation and standardize development with industry-wide participation,” Neal Robison, AMD’s director of global ISV relations, told reporters at GDC 2010.

“This initiative will offer consumers additional choices, more innovation and help to lower costs.”

Robison also confirmed that AMD would soon announce a lineup of 3D products, including 3D-enabled ATI Eyefinity technology, 120HZ 3D displays, active and passive shutter glasses, quad buffering, 3D (supported) DX 9/10/11, Blu-ray, stereo 3D notebooks and bundled solutions.

“We will be introducing a number of stereo 3D capabilities in the near future that are based on Eyefinity technology. This will enable multiple monitor configurations and significantly enhance the gaming experience.”

However, an anonymous AMD official told TG Daily that mainstream 3D gaming would likely be constrained in the immediate future by prohibitive pricing, lack of content and awkward glasses.

“Nevertheless, this could easily change, with the tipping point being 3D Blu-ray. If that takes off, 3D may eventually become the norm in the entertainment market.”