AMD eats into Nvidia, Intel graphics market share

The results are out for graphics shipments and market share in the second quarter of 2009 and AMD appears to rule the roost.

That’s according to Jon Peddie Research – the company specializes in tracking the graphics market and that’s a barometer of the entire PC market.

In the latest report, JPR says that the channel – that is to say the distribution and reseller market – stopped ordering graphics cards and made sure their inventories of existing cards were depleted and hoped the first quarter of this year would be better.

The first quarter showed some improvement but the second quarter was very good for the vendors like AMD, Intel and Nvidia. That. says JPR, means the channel is gearing up for a healthy Q3, traditionally a time for good sales.

And now for the figures. Shipments jumped to 98.3 million units, quarter on quarter, year on year.

This is the shape of the graphics chip market according to the market research company.

Vendor This Q Share Last Q Share Growth
AMD 18.3 18.4% 12.81 17.1% 41.5%
Intel 50.30 51.2% 37.20 49.7% 35.2%
Nvidia 28.74 29.2% 23.26 31.1% 23.6%
Matrox 0.06 0.1% 0.07 0.1% -6.2%
SiS 0.40 0.4% 0.70 0.9% -42.9%
Via/S3 0.67 0.7% 0.84 1.1% -19.5%
Total 98.3 100% 74.87 100% 31.3%

The company cautions that things won’t return to the normal seasonal pattern until the third or fourth quarter of this year and the market won’t hit the levels of 2008 until 2010.

The PC market will be helped by Apple Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows 7, plus AMD and Nvidia will bring in 40 nanometer designs with better performance at “surprisingly aggressive” prices.

The worst is over and there is pent up demand, hopes JPR.