AMD debuts ATI Radeon 5970 GPU

AMD has introduced its long-awaited ATI Radeon HD 5970 (Hemlock) GPU. According to company spokesperson Devon Nekechuk, the 5970 features advanced Overdrive technology that allows gamers to easily unlock the card’s full overclocking potential.  

“The number one important aspect of this card is the raw performance it offers,” Nekechuk told TG Daily. “The 5970 will crush anything else out there. No other GPU can touch the 5970’s raw power, nothing even comes close.”

ATI Radeon HD 5970  (17 pictures)

??Nekechuk explained that the GPU’s “unrivaled” overclocking capabilities were enabled by next-gen fan and vapor technologies, as well as a “fully vented” exhaust to keep the card cool. ??

“The 5970 features the world’s most powerful graphics core (40nm) and uses over 3,200 stream processors. It delivers approximately 5TeraFLOPs of compute power, which facilitates superior performance for DirectX 11 gaming, as well for previous versions of DX and OpenGL titles,” said Nekechuk.

??”In addition, gamers can radically expand their field of view with up to three displays (simultaneously) at a resolution of 7680×1600. The card also supports CrossFireX technology – which allows multiple graphics processors to accelerate FPS in more than 20 titles when using Eyefinity.”

He added that the 5970 was designed to target the graphic industry’s “sweet spot” and take on whatever the competition had to offer.

“Although we cannot comment on the performance of Nvidia’s Fermi at this stage, we can safely say that the 5970’s efficient design and raw power will help keep it in the lead and ahead of the competition.”??

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