AMD bolsters professional graphics portfolio with next-gen FirePro cards

AMD has bolstered its professional graphics portfolio with the FirePro V5900 and V7900.

The two cards – which are targeted at the design, engineering, financial, and medical markets – offer varying levels of support for Eyefinity multi-display configurations.

“Multiple displays provide an expansive desktop space from which to see more data, open more applications and view more information at the same time, thereby improving workflow and enabling increased productivity,” an AMD spokesperson told TG Daily.

“That is why the FirePro V7900 allows up to four displays and the V5900 – up to three.”

Meanwhile, PowerTune offers users direct control over GPU power usage, while GeometryBoost facilitates the processing of two primitives per clock cycle.

“The result is optimized geometry performance, which ensures smooth handling of complex models for CAD and DCC users. Meaning, CAD engineers can handle large models to efficiently complete tasks in real-world applications,” said the spokesperson.

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst David Kanter of Real World Tech told TG Daily the new workstation cards are attractive in terms of raw performance and power efficiency, but also “particularly noteworthy” for the multiple display capabilities at great price points.  

“Clearly, AMD’s intention is to chip away at Nvidia’s leadership with a compelling value proposition. The hardware products are sound, but the other piece of the puzzle is the ecosystem, including drivers and ISV support for professional applications,” he added.

The AMD FirePro V5900 is currently available for $600, while the V7900 weighs in at a $1,000 price point.