AMD aims for 45nm production by Q3

Taipei, Taiwan – Motherboard makers are claiming chipmaker AMD plans to move production of its desktop processors to a 45nm process later this year, reports Digitimes.

Only the Deneb quad-core Phenom II X4 800 and 900 and Heka triple-core Phenom II X3 700 CPUs are currently fabbed at 45nm.

The Callisto dual-core Phenom II X2 500 series and the venerable Athlon II X2 200 chips will move to 45nm in June with the Rana quad-core Athlon II X4 600 series and triple-core Athlon II X3 400 series following in September. AMD also plans to launch several low-power CPUs including the Phenom II X4 905e, Phenom II X3 705e and the Athlon II X4 605e.

The same sources suggest that Intel has plans for three quad-core Lynnfield CPUs in Q3 with prices ranging from $196 to $562 in 1,000-unit tray quantities.