All Web, all the time

Best Buy is touting a $170 Internet media display that offers quick access to Pandora, Facebook, Photobucket and the Weather Channel.

The Insignia Infocast also features an 8-inch LCD touch screen (800×600), a Marvell Armada 168 application processor, SRS enhanced stereo sound, an integrated microphone, 2 GB of internal Flash memory, two USB ports and support for popular media cards.

According to Best Buy spokesperson Fernando Silva, the device is powered by indigenous software developed in collaboration with Chumby Industries.

“With an open application development environment based on Adobe Flash Lite technology, this software enables a community of over one million developers to create unique applications,” said Silva.

It should be noted that Sony is currently offering a similar Internet media display – dubbed the Dash – for $30 more ($200).

The Dash boasts a 7-inch color touch screen, an internal accelerometer, a single USB port, integrated speakers, a headphone output jack and access to to over 1,000 free Internet apps.