Acer to produce Android based netbook

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer will ship a netbook in the third quarter of this year that uses the Google Android operating system, rather than Microsoft Windows.

According to the Wall Street Journal, that doesn’t mean Acer won’t produce netbooks using Windows – it would be nuts to do that and antagonise the mighty Microsoft behemoth.

But it does mean that Google has a foothold in the netbook space – the majority of netbooks do ship with Windows.  Intel is pushing Linux-based Moblin for netbooks, while there’s more competition in this sector on the way, with ARM-based netbooks looming too later this year.

The Journal quotes Jim Wong, Acer’s president of IT products, as saying that Android gives a very fast wireless connection to the internet.

Google’s Android is making significant headway in the smartphone sector, a not particularly bright star in the Microsoft Windows firmament.

Netbooks have done way better than anyone first expected – they are light, small and relatively speaking inexpensive. The economic meltdown may make them even more attractive because they’re cheap. Fully specced notebooks still will set you back an arm – no not an ARM – and a leg. The story is here (sub required).