Roku debuts $50 streaming stick

Roku has announced a new Streaming Stick at a $50 price point.

The stick – which is around the same size as Google’s Chromecast – plugs straight into a TV HDMI port and streams in 1080p.

The latest iteration of the Stick doesn’t draw power from the HDMI, as it sips from a micro USB port just like its Chromecast counterpart.

According to Liliputing’s Brad Linder, Roku’s new stick, paired with a slick remote, is expected to support 1200 Internet media channels at launch. The device is scheduled to ship in April when it will also be hitting store shelves. 

“With a $50 price tag, you might wonder why you’d want to buy a Roku Streaming Stick instead of a $50 Roku 1,” Linder explained. 

“The answer is that you may not have much choice soon — Zatz Not Funny reports the company plans to replace the entry-level Roku 1 with the new Roku Streaming Stick… at least at Best Buy stores.”

Key features are expected to include support for 1080p HD video playback and WiFi. TG Daily will let you know when the device hits the streets.