Open source gaming with the DragonBox Pyra

The DragonBox Pyra, powered an ARM Cortex-A15 (dual-core TI OMAP 5) processor, is expected to be an open source 5-inch handheld game console. 

According to Liliputing’s Brad Linder, the platform will be equipped with 2GB of RAM, a 1920 x 1080 pixel resistive touchscreen display, WiFi, Bluetooth, dual SDXC cards, a full-sized USB port, micro and mini USB ports, configurable notification lights, HDMI output, a backlit QWERTY keyboard and PowerVR SGX544 graphics.

The device will also feature gaming controls, including two analog sticks, 4 shoulder buttons, a D-Pad, and 6 face buttons.

“[Although] the 3D graphics driver will require a proprietary binary blob, developer Michael Mrozek says the kernel is open source,” Linder explained. “[This] means that even if Texas Instruments stops updating the graphics driver, independent developers will be able to continue using the existing driver when compiling new kernels or operating systems.”

The DragonBox Pyra is still considered a work in progress. Nevertheless, Mrozek recently showcased a sample of the board, which ran two PlayStation 1 emulators (simultaneously), along with Battle of Wesnoth and GIMP.

An official launch date and pricing has yet to be announced, although TG Daily will keep you posted.