Samsung to take on Google Glass in 2014

The Korea Times reports that Samsung is planning to debut a Google Glass competitor at IFA 2014.

The wearable device will likely allow users to view notifications, maps, web pages and other content. 

In addition, the transparent lenses are expected to display alerts, call data and streaming music tracks. 

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder notes, Samsung isn’t exactly a stranger to the idea of charging a premium price for a product with no proven market. 

“The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is one of the most powerful… and most expensive smartwatches on the market at the moment, with a list price of around $300. But that’s still a fifth the price of a Google Glass Explorer kit,” Linder explained.

“Hopefully Samsung’s upcoming smart glass device will also be a lot cheaper than Google Glass.”

It should be noted that reports of a Google Glass competitor from Samsung went live just a few months after a Wall Street Journal article detailed a Samsung patent application for a wearable electronic eyewear device.