Japan Display touts 12-inch, 4K screen for notebooks and tablets

Japan Display has debuted a 12.1 inch, 3840 x 2160 pixel display targeted at next-gen notebooks and tablets.

According to Brad Linder of Liliputing, the new TFT LCD screen offers 365 pixels per inch, a density similar to a high-end smartphones.

The screen also features approximately 4x as many pixels as an average 1080p screen.

“While that’s probably a very good thing if you plan to watch 4K video or run games, apps, or operating systems with resolution-independent graphics, some legacy apps might look a bit funny on this kind of display,” Linder explained.

“If you’ve ever tried running older Windows desktop apps on a computer with a high-resolution display, you’ll know that the text, buttons, and other elements can sometimes look very tiny.”

Indeed, says Linder, that is likely one of the reasons Microsoft is touting its new Modern style apps, which are easier to use on touchscreens, while scaling well across 720p, 1080p, or 4K displays.

It should be noted that Panasonic also introduced a Windows tablet with a 20-inch 4K display earlier this year.