Program your environment with WigWag

WigWag allows Makers and devs to easily build intelligent environments with Internet-connected sensors and devices that are controlled by a series of graphic-based instructions.

Meaning, WigWay can be programmed without complicated programming languages as rules are easily formulated on smartphones and tablets.

Practical WigWag examples include:

  • Turning on a fan when the humidity rises.
  • Receiving a “thirsty” tweet from your plant – or even better, turn on the water.
  • Logging the date/time when people enter a room, data sent to a spreadsheet in Dropbox.
  • Placing a sensor on your porch, getting a text when a package arrives.

Currently, WigWag is offering three devices on KickStarter: Relay & Cloud, Sensor Block and GlowLine (provides dynamic indirect or mood lighting).

And yes WigWag is capable of connecting to multiple third party products, while the official dev kit is packaged with multiple boards, including DeviceJS + WigWag Cloud: a WigWag Experiment board, a Raspberry Pi shield and an Arduino shield.

You can check out what additional goodies WigWag has to offer here on KickStarter.