Driverless Cars Could Be the Future

We’ve seen cars with no drivers in horror films, and on the show Cops when dummies leave their keys in them, and they go around in circles. Yet there’s now a report that we could be seeing more driverless cars in the future, thanks to today’s technology, and there are some nice advantages that could come with this.

How about, as the New York Times tells us, “narrower streets because parking spots might not be necessary.” No more worrying about parking? As the Times tells us, your car may be able to drop you off, then go find a space for you. Wouldn’t that be a nice relief?

The NYT tells us that plans are in the works at Audi, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz to make cars that drive themselves, and if this technology really sticks, it would be a tremendous boon to mankind. Case in point, the Times informs us that 30% of driving in a business area is spent looking for parking, and close to a billion driving miles are wasted every year looking for parking.

What if you could program your car to have a better sense of direction than the best limo driver you’ve ever had? If only a car could be able to think ahead like an incredible chess player against rush hour, and drive an alternative route you wouldn’t have known about otherwise?

Imagine how much robotic cars would cut down on drunk driving, taking the wheel out of your hands after you’ve had too much to drink? Robotic cars could also have sensors that could gauge the flow of traffic, and one day eliminate the need for traffic lights

This may not happen any time soon, but I certainly look forward to the day when my car could drive me home and I could be asleep at the wheel without danger, not to mention not having to worry about parking would be worth the price of a robotic car alone.