Cube kit transforms Android tablets into TV boxes

A Chinese tablet manufacturer by the name of Cube is expanding into the lucrative Android set-top box in somewhat of an unusual way. How, you ask?

Well, Cube has introduced an accessory “kit” that allows users to transform their tablets into a TV box.

“Basically, you hook up your tablet to your TV using HDMI or Miracast wireless display technology,” explained Liliputing’s Brad Linder.

“You can then use the [included] remote control to video playback, navigate through apps, or perform other basic functions.”

Frankly, I’m not sure I see the point of the the Cube kit, at least not now, as we’re still waiting for pricing information on the unit. I suppose one could use the kit to “save” an old tablet that would otherwise be discarded, but you could also designate an aging tablet as a dedicated e-reader.

And if we’re talking about buying a primary Android set-top box, there are plenty of those around, to say nothing of the vast multitudes of PCs-on-a-stick floating around out there.

Again, though, a kit that could save a tablet from a slow, agonizing death in a dusty desk drawer just might work, although its success would obviously be contingent upon a reasonable price point.