Arduino TFT screen gets official

Just a few days after rolling out a new IDE (integrated development environment) and an official Robot, Arduino has launched a TFT LCD screen.

The screen – developed in conjunction with Complubot – boasts a library based on the AdafruitGFX and ST7735. The Arduino specific library, dubbed TFT, extends the Adafruit libraries to support more processing-like methods.

Meaning, users can write text, draw shapes, and show bitmap images. In addition, the screen can be exploited to play games or to display sensor values.

As expected, the screen works well with all types of Arduinos, fitting perfectly in the Esplora and Robot sockets. Oh, and yes, there is also an SD card slot on the back for storing pictures and other data.

The TFT LCD screen is currently available from the Arduino store at for approximately $24.