ARM Cortex-A15 chips to power a new generation of tablets

Chips based on ARM’s Cortex-A15 SoC are typically found in high-end tablets like Google’s Nexus 10 tablet or Samsung’s latest Chromebook.

All that is expected to change soon, as reports (via Liliputing) that Chinese electronic manufacturers Ramos and Smart Devices are both designing a new generation tablets equipped with ARM’s latest and greatest silicon.

Indeed, Ramos is apparently planning to use the very same Samsung Exynos 5250 processor found in the Google Nexus 10, and is likely to be far more affordable than Mountain View’s officially branded device.

Meanwhile, Smart Devices has yet to specify which ARM Cortex-A15 it wants to use, but speculates it could be a T1 OMAP 5 processor, even though the company has moved away from the mobile consumer space in recent months.

Plus, Texas Instruments is known for offering reasonable support for Linux as well as Android in terms of an operating system, which will definitely be a selling point for fans of the open OS as well as devs.

If TI is indeed powering the Ramos tablet, our money would be on a device designed to dual-boot both Ubuntu and Android.