Stripped-down Raspberry Pi Model A priced at $25

The Raspberry Pi foundation has rolled out its new Model A uber-mini dev board priced at $25.

Essentially, the Model A is a stripped-down version of the $35 Model B Raspberry Pi, with no Ethernet, one USB port and 256MB RAM.

“Stripping down the Model A means it has two important differences from the Model B: we can make it ten dollars cheaper, at $25; and it consumes roughly a third of the power of the Model B,” a Raspberry Pi rep explained in a blog post.

“[This] is of key importance to those of you wanting to run projects from a battery or solar power: robots, sensor platforms in remote locations, Wi-Fi repeaters attached to the local bus stop and so forth. We’re working on software to get the power consumption even lower.”

Currently, the Model A is available in Europe, although RS customers outside Europe can order a Model A now, albeit with a short shipping delay.

“We are very, very pleased to finally be able to offer you a computer for $25. It’s what we said we’d do all along, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it,” the rep added.

As previously discussed on TG Daily, the wildly popular Raspberry Pi has been used to power a number of DIY projects, including a portable console, pollution monitoring system, retro gaming arcade cabinet, a wearable computer and XBMC-based media centers.