Cupp designs a hybrid ARM-x86 gaming system

Cupp has designed a hybrid ARM-x86 gaming platform for Origin’s 11-inch EON11-S laptop lineup.

Essentially, the hybrid tech facilitates longer battery life while offering users the ability to run both Android Gingebread (2.3.4) and Windows simultaneously on a single system.

Specs? On the x86-Windows side, the system is powered by a 2.7GHz Core i7 CPU paired with 4GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M GPU with 2GB of dedicated RAM and a 128GB SSD.

For Android, there is a single-core 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3730 processor paired with 512MB RAM, WiFi and an unspecified amount of storage.

Additional specs include an Ethernet connector, VGA and HDMI outputs, headphone and mic jacks, one USB 2.0 port, as well as a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

As Engadget’s Myriam Joire points out, having full ARM and x86 systems in the same machine opens up a wide range of possibilities for users.

“You can do some CPU-intensive image editing in Photoshop, put Windows to sleep, press [Fn] + [Shift] to switch over to Android (and back), then upload that edited picture to Flickr using Chrome while sipping only a trickle of power,” she explained.

“Or you can render a video in Windows in the background while checking on your social networks on Android. Both systems share the same 11.6-inch 1366×768 display, keyboard and trackpad.”

Personally, I think the hybrid paradigm has a lot of potential, but I’m almost certain most Android enthusiasts would want a dual-core chip paired with a more updated version of Google’s mobile OS, say at least Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), if not the first iteration of Jelly Bean (4.1).

So it’s probably safe to say that I’m not the only one hoping Origin will update the Android chip and OS sooner rather than later.