Fifth generation iPad rumoured for release in March 2013

Apple is now rumored to launch the next generation iPad in March 2013 as well as a second generation iPad Mini. 

According to an insider source speaking to the Japanese Apple tech-blog Macotakara, the fifth generation iPad will have a similar design to the iPad Mini and will be lighter and thinner with a 9.3 inch (241 mm) display. 

The report appears to suggest that the new version will be smaller than the current version by 4mm in height, 17mm in width and 2mm in depth. As the dimensions of the fourth generation are 241 mm, 186 mm and 9.4 mm, this would make the new version:  237 mm (9.3 inches) high, 169 mm (6.65 inches) wide and 7.4 mm (0.29 inches) deep. The new iPad would be almost as thin as the current version of the iPad Mini which is 7.2 mm thick.

Also mentioned in the article is the release of the next generation of iPad Mini, with a display of 2048 × 1536 pixels (the same as current iPads), which are the same dimensions reported by the DigiTimes earlier this month. 

Although only a rumour, Macotakara has been accurate about the dimensions of previously unreleased Apple products, according to technology blog

Despite Apple only announcing its latest, fourth generation iPad in October this year, the site suggests they have accelerated the release of the fifth generation to keep one step ahead of Google’s Nexus 7 and Microsoft’s Surface.