NexCrea wants to replace your laptop with an Android smartphone

A startup known as NexCrea is working on a concept Android smartphone that can be used as a handset, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Essentially, the versatile device works like a typical Android-powered handset, except that it is specifically designed to slot into a specific docking station for a specific task. 

Once docked, the NexPhone can be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. All data would obviously be stored on the phone or in the cloud no matter which docking peripherals you are using. 

Although the NexPhone is currently just a concept seeking funding via Indiegogo, Liliputing’s Brad Linder believes the general idea is certainly feasible.

”The phone would use Canonical’s Ubuntu for Android platform, so when you connect the NexLaptop or NexMonitor dock, a full Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system will appear,” he explained.

”This lets you run any of the thousands of Ubuntu apps optimized to run on Android, including web browsers, office software, or even photo or video editing software.”

Meanwhile, sliding the smartphone into the NexTablet dock will trigger an Android UI tweaked to take advantage of a larger scree – allowing users to play games, surf the web and watch videos.

“[Yes], Asus already offers a similar solution with its Transformer line of tablets and its PadFone smartphone. But NexCrea’s vision goes a bit further by combining a full desktop operating system with Android,” Linder added.