Video: Introducing the upgradable tablet concept

What if you could upgrade your tablet just as easily as a desktop PC?

Well, Navarre Bartz is currently working on designing an upgradable tablet concept using an industrial computing module known as Colibri.

“It has an Nvidia Tegra processor like many tablets currently on the market and can be paired with a carrier board and other components to make an ARM-based computing device,” Bartz explained in an entry for the Jack Daniel  Independence Project.

”Since the system is modular, when the next generation of ARM processors comes out, you can simply swap out the processor module and have an upgraded tablet.”

Essentially, the upgradeable tablet consists of two parts. The first is a primary main board loaded with input and output ports, along with WiFi, Bluetooth and other standard components. The second is a board housing the CPU, memory and storage.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder points out, it remains unclear if such a device will ever make it to market, but if Bartz wins the Jack Daniel Independence Project he could get a cool $25,000 to shift his upgradeable tablet concept into overdrive.