UPuter Pi wants to be a Raspberry clone

The wildly popular ARM-based AllWinner A10 chipset currently powers a number of uber-mini Android PCs, including the Goosberry, MK802, Hackberry A10, Mini Xplus and Z902.  

Recently, the AllWinner A10 tipped up in the UPuter Pi, which is reportedly being marketed as some sort of Raspberry Pi “clone,” albeit with different hardware. 

Designed by the Shanghai-based QuickEmbed Technology, the UPuter Pi runs at 1.5 GHz and is equipped with 512-1 GB DDR3 RAM, 4-8 GB Flash and ARM’s Mali400 graphic engine. 

The UPuter Pi – which runs Android 4.0 and various Linux flavors – also features WiFi, a microUSB port, USB port and HDMI connector.

QuickEmbed is currently offering one iteration of the UPuter Pi without a case (bare PCBA), although another version of the UPuter will be available in the near future with a case.  

“They do provide 6 GPIOs, UART and JTAG access which makes it an interesting hacker board,” Chiang Mai of CNXSOFT noted. 

“However, at $69, the price is OK, but not really aggressive, especially as I’m expecting a $49 AllWinner A10 development board with features similar to the Mele A1000 plus an expansion header (GPIO, I2C, SPI…) very shortly, possibly as soon as next week.”