‘Kidney for iPad’ case goes to trial

Five people have gone on trial in China after a teenager sold a kidney to buy an iPad.

In April last year, it’s alleged, 17-year-old Wang Shangkun underwent an illegal transplant in return for around $3,000, which he used to buy an iPhone and iPad. He’d arranged the deal after contacting an illegal agency online.

But when his mother quizzed him on where he’d found the cash for the devices, he finally came clean. Soon after, he suffered renal failure and nearly died, and is still extremely ill.

His mother, though, claims that her son isn’t just an obsessed Apple fanboy.

“My son was tempted by the illegal organ traders and might have been afraid of getting caught with such a large amount of money, so he bought a cell phone and a tablet PC,” she told the state-run China Daily newspaper.

The defendants include He Wei, accused of arranging the transplant and netting around $35,000, which he used to pay off gambling debts. He faces up to ten years in prison if convicted.

Other defendants include the surgeon, urologist and anesthesiologist involved in the operation, as well as nurses and a surgical assistant.