2 billion ARM chips shipped in Q2 2012

ARM has confirmed that two billion chips based on its wildly popular RISC processor technology shipped during the second quarter of 2012.

Defying a worldwide economic slowdown, the UK-based company managed to generate $213.0 million in total dollar revenue, up 12% on Q2 2011.

Half-year dollar revenues in 2012 amounted to $422.4 million, up 12% on H1 2011.

“ARM’s royalty revenues continued to outperform the overall semiconductor industry as our customers gained market share within existing markets and launched products which are taking [our] technology into new markets,” said ARM CEO Warren East.

“This quarter we have seen multiple market leaders announce exciting new products – including computers and servers from Dell and Microsoft, and embedded applications from Freescale and Toshiba. All of these new products are the result of technology engagements over many years, and ARM’s long-term commitment to invest in the development of innovative technology.”

According to East, ARM signed 23 processor licenses across multiple markets. 6 were for ARM’s advanced Cortex-A series processors and included a further licensee for ARM’s big.LITTLE technology – where a company licenses both a “big” Cortex-A15 processor and a “LITTLE” Cortex-A7 chip. 

ARM also clinched three Mali graphics processor licenses for use in mobile and digital TV (DTV), including one for the Mali-T600 series, which facilitates the combination of ARM and Mali processors into a unified computing sub-system.

East noted that ARM was entering the second half of 2012 with a record order backlog, along with a “robust” opportunity pipeline.