New chip 1,000 times faster than Bluetooth

An international research team has designed a high speed wireless technology that is apparently 1,000 times faster than Bluetooth.

According to a report on Hexus, the new VIRTUS chipset is capable of transferring data at a speedy 2 gigabits/s with only low power requirements.

This makes the technology a viable contender for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with the above-mentioned transfer speed enabling the transfer of an 8GB DVD in just 30 seconds.

“The demand for ultra high-speed wireless connectivity has fueled the need for faster data transfer rates. Unfortunately, current technologies are unable to meet these stringent demands,” explained Professor Yeo Kiat Seng of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

“[However], the NTU-I2R team has successfully demonstrated an integrated 60GHz chipset for multi-gigabits per second wireless transmission.” 

Essentially, the VIRTUS chipset can best be described as a microchip that transmits data in large packets via millimeter-waves. The chipset – which runs at at 60GHz – comprises 3 essential components: an antenna, a transceiver and a baseband processor. 

Ultimately, the technology is expected to have “significant commercial impact,” enabling a wide range of new applications such as wireless display, mobile-distributed computing, live high-definition video streaming and real-time interactive multi-user gaming.