Intel offers overclockers insurance

There are a lot of people in the gaming and computer enthusiast worlds who love to build rigs with overclocked processors and video cards. 

This is a great way to save some money on things like a CPU and still get maximum performance. The catch? Most processors aren’t originally intended to operate at high overclocked speeds and you often need to add more power to the mix.

Anytime you add more power you run the risk of shorting the processor out and making it little more than an expensive chunk of metal. Plus, spills are a definite concern when doing extreme overclocking with circulating water and liquid nitrogen.

Of course, overclocking also (traditionally) voids the warranty of a processor. Meaning, if you short the CPU, well, you’ll be paying for a replacement out of your own pocket, something that can easily cost you hundreds of dollars if it is a high-end processor.  

Fortunately, Intel has announced a new plan that will have serious overclockers looking more intently at the company’s chips.


The new initiative is dubbed the Performance Tuning Protection Plan, and it is an add on  to the normal 3-year warranty. 

If processors break under normal use, the standard warranty will replace it. If the user opted for the Performance Tuning Protection and a qualifying processor dies while overclocked, Intel will replace it free.


The user is allowed one CPU replacement with no questions asked. If the processor fries, the user can just get a new one. You purchase the new insurance directly from Intel via PayPal. The insurance is cheap too; the most expensive plan is only $35, and the cheapest plans are only $20. 

I bet any overclocker on a qualifying processor will buy this. Qualifying processors include the Core i5-2500K, i7-2600K, i7-2700K,  i7-3930K and i7-3960X.